Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 211

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Tootekood: BL-BT211
Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 211
Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 211

Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 211 Bluetooth Handsfree komplekt

See mitmekülgne Bluetooth autoseade on kaasaskantavja mõeldud neile, kes soovivad kasutada autosõidu ajal oma mobiiltelefoni. BT Drive Free 211 on kombinatsioon Bluetooth peakomplektist ja dokkimisjaamast, mida saab mugavalt autosse paigaldada ning mille abil saab peakomplekti kasutada ka eraldi telefonikõnede tegemiseks. BT Drive Free 211 pakub suurepärast käed-vabad kvaliteeti ning tagab mugavad ja turvalised kõned autosõidu ajal.

Komplektis sisaldub: BT Drive Free 211 Bluetooth autokomplekt (dokkimisjaam ja peakomplekt), Liitium-ioon aku, 12V DC autolaadija, USB juhe, Kasutusjuhend, Paigaldusklamber päiksesevisiiri külge kinnitamiseks.

Tehnilised andmed

  • Bluetooth spetsifikatsioon        Versioon 2.1 + EDR, klass 2
  • Toetatud Bluetooth’i profiilid     Peakomplekt ja handsfree profiilid
  • Sagedusala                              2.402-2.480 Ghz ISM riba
  • Bluetooth ulatus                       Kuni 10 m
  • Mõõdud (PxLxK)                      110 x 58 x 23 mm
  • Kaal                                          95 g
  • Aku laadimisaeg                       Umbes 1 h (peakomplekt);  Umbes 3 h (dokkimisjaam)
  • Kõneaeg                                   Kuni 2h (peakomplekt);       Kuni 15 h (dokkimisjaam)
  • Ooteaeg                                    Kuni 80h (peakomplekt);     Kuni 400 h (dokkimisjaam)
  • Aku tüüp                                   Liitium-ioon, 3.7 V, 650 mAh, vahetatav (sobib Nokia BL-5B)
  • Laadija                                      5V - 6V DC, 300mA


Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 211 Bluetooth Handsfree

Blaupunkt is a well-known brand manufacturing car audio systems and speakers for a while and features a few Bluetooth hands-free kits as well. 

The BT Drive Free 211 is a combination of a Bluetooth® headset and a Bluetooth® hands-free device. The docking station has a clip on the rear for mounting on the sun visor while the headset is a single tiny BT hands-free unit that can be docked into the docking unit for charging. The product is as large as a standard phone—and almost four times thicker thanks to the built-in removable battery. The product has a single large 4-inch speaker on the front. The right side has the control panel with volume, power and call buttons. The headset docks in the centre, which needs to be snapped in or pulled out for charging. The bottom has a manual switch for charging and a micro USB port for the charger. Bundled along with the product is a cigarette-lighter charger along with a few additional clips for mounting the BT device on the dashboard and one spare rubber ear cushion for the headset. The product is lightweight and highly portable.

The BT Drive Free 211 features a 2.4GHz Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR interface. It has a built-in Li-ion 3.7V battery for powering the unit as well as charging the headset when docked. The BT dock can be used for conveniently answering calls especially when driving or can also be used as a speakerphone when used on your desk. The dock has a talktime of 15 hours, a standby time of 400 hours and can be charged within 3 hours. The headset is where the entire BT interface is and the dock is just a speaker dock to amplify the audio. Without the headset docked into the docking station, the dock is as good as a paperweight. The headset has a built-in battery that charges itself when docked. One can also charge it separately using the micro USB port located on the headset. The headset has three buttons for call and volume functions. It has a single in-ear cushion made of silicon, but there's no around-the-ear loop for additionally securing the headset. Though the headset fits snugly into the ear canal, there is a threat of it falling if you accidentally brush against someone or something. The operating range of the headset is 10 metres.

The build quality of both the dock and the headset is very good. The exterior has a dual-tone silver and black matte finished, scratch-resistant body. The headset snaps onto the dock well, but getting the headset out is a bit of a task. There are no eject buttons or levers (which should have been there) and you have to actually pull out the headset with a little force. Regular insertion and removal of the headset can cause the internal plastic notch, which holds the headset in place, to wear out in time. Lastly, the internal battery is replaceable and can be easily replaced with a Nokia BL-5B battery, as they are both identical.


  • Weight                                  95 g
  • Size                                      110 x 58 x 23 mm (L x W x H)
  • Bluetooth® specs                 V2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rates)
  • Frequency range                  2.4 GHz spectrum
  • Multifunction button              Pairing; Call accept; Call end; Call deny; Redial; Microphone mute; Call forwarding
  • Battery                                  Rechargeable Li-Ion, 3.7 V, replaceable
  • Call time                               Up to 2 hours (headset); Up to 15 hours (docking station)
  • Standby time                        Up to 80 hours (headset); Up to 400 hours (docking station)
  • Charging time                       Approx. 1 hour (headset); Approx. 3 hours (docking station)
  • Range                                  Up to 10 meters; Approx. 1 hour (headset); Approx. 3 hours (docking station)


Setting up the dock and the headset is as easy as any other Bluetooth hands-free with no passwords whatsoever. Though you can connect the hands-free units to two phones, the device gets confused between the two and does not respond. The phones can handle the hands-free from their end, but the hands-free cannot control the device for last call redial. It is better to keep it connected to a single phone. The headset has the call end/pairing button behind the earpiece with a backlit LED for status indication. The LED should have been on one side because when you are powering on or pairing the headset with a phone, the LED is placed behind the thumb and it gets difficult to know the LED’s colour to know the status of the BT. 


The BT Drive Free 211 is easy to use, but can get a bit confusing for starters. As we mentioned earlier, the BT headset is the only unit that has the BT interface; the dock is just a power source and an amplifier. You cannot use the dock on its own and have to snap in the headset to make use of the speakerphone. Pull out the headset and the call gets transferred to the headset. However, we noticed a problem here—when we snapped in the headset back to the dock while a call was active, the call was transferred back to the phone and not to the dock. 




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