Philips Led päevasõidutuled

Philips LED DayLight 8 päevasõidutuled
Philips Led päevasõidutuledPhilips Led päevasõidutuled

Müügihind159,00 €
Tootekood: 12824WLEDX1
Philips Led päevasõidutuled
Philips Led päevasõidutuled
Philips Led päevasõidutuled
Philips Led päevasõidutuled
Philips Led päevasõidutuled
Philips Led päevasõidutuled

Philips LED DayLight 8 päevasõidutuled

    Annavad autole silmapaistva välimuse, lisades liikluses turvalisust!
    Vastavalt liikluseeskirjale võib valgel ajal lähitulede asemel kasutada päevatulesid.

    Kuna Eestis on kohustuslik kasutada sõidutulesid ööpäevaringselt, aitavad päevasõidutuled tagada ohtutu liiklemise säästes tavatulede lampe ja auto akut.

    • Ere valge valgus tänu suure võimsusega High Power LUXEON LED-idele (samasid LEDe kasutatakse näiteks Audi R8:s!)
    • Lihtne paigaldada. ‘Clip-on’-kinnitused tagavad lühikese paigaldusaja. Õhukese disainiga moodulid mahuvad ka kitsastesse kohtadesse.
    • Automaatne sisselülitus (säästab lähitulede lampe)
    • Kuni 10 korda energiasäästlikumad kui tavalised halogeenlambid: säästa kuni 0,2l kütust /100km
    • Omavad ECE R87 -heakskiitu
    • Kaal: 1kg

High power new generation LED

Maximum visibility

Automatic switch on

Simple-click installation

2011 European directive that will make compulsory the DRL system integration on new car models to increase drivers safety. Powerful Philips OE quality LEDs improve your safety on the road increasing your visibility without compromising on lifetime and energy consumption.

LED DayLight 8

LED DayLight 8 can stay on 24/7 thanks to its dimmable function, ensuring that fitted cars are visible at any time of the day or night. At the same time, it appeals to motorists who want to increase their safety while customizing their car with a stylish modern look.

François Darsy – Global product manager – stated “LED DayLight 8 also enables CO2 savings of 5.5 g per km. It lasts–more than 10,000 hours –- the lifetime of the car itself- eliminating the need for maintenance.


Maximum safety
Incorporating the latest generation of high-power Philips Luxeon® Rebel LEDs – as implemented by Daimler AG for use in DRL function on several vehicle models -    and state-of-the-art Total Internal Reflection technology, LED DayLight 8 delivers an extremely wide beam with maximum light intensity. Cars fitted with LED DayLight 8 can, therefore, be seen much more easily by other road users.

A touch of style

Design is an important factor in the consumer’s choice, especially when the car’s lights will always be on. LED DayLight 8 has a premium ultra-slim 8-dot-line design, which gives the lighting a highly distinctive appearance – setting the vehicle, and its owner, apart from the crowd.

Easy installation

The compact LED DayLight 8 is very easy to install. Because of the minimal depth of the lights they can be fully integrated into the car, while no extra space for the brackets is required. Its plug & play system make it easy to connect.




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