Akulaadija DEFA MarineCharger 1x7A PlugIn


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Tootekood: DA701227

Akulaadija Marine 12V, 7A 230VAC PlugIn

12V- 7A

DEFA MarineCharger is a 12V 7A waterproof battery charger designed for fixed installation in boats and is well suited for battery sizes from 1,5 to 200Ah. The charger is safe against pole turning and short circuiting. Can be used on all types of lead/acid batteries (AGM, Gel and free ventilated).

The charger is electric isolated (double isolated) and endures parallel flow rate up to 4A per channel, simultaneously charging the battery. The charger has temperature compensated charging voltage, so that the end charging is always correct according to the ambient temperature. The charger also has the possibility for connection of Remote LED Panel, individually for every output if the charger must be placed where it cannot be seen. The charger is cast-in and therefore waterproof and endures vibrations. It has a local output for alarm/starter interrupt function and an own program for “exercise” of batteries connected to the charger for weeks without being used.

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