Külmik CombiCool ACX 40G, 40L gaas/12/230V

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Külmik DOMETIC CombiCool ACX 40G, 40L
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DOMETIC Combicool ACX 40, 40L gaas/12/230V külmik (matkabuss/karavan)

Dometic CombiCool absorptsiooni meetodil töötav külmik on erakordselt universaalne. CombiCool külmik töötab gaasiga, alalisvooluga (12V) või vooluvõrgust (230V), võimaldades kasutada külmikut igas olukorras. Külmiku eriline omadus on töötamine 220 - 250g butaan gaasiballooniga ilma elektrilise ühenduseta!

  • Täiesti hääletu 
  • Piesosüüturiga, 3-astmeline leegi reguleerimine gaasi režiimis 
  • Termostaat 230V režiimis 
  • Piisavalt kõrge 1,5-ja 2-liitriste pudelite hoidmiseks püstiasendis 
  • Mõõdud (laius x kõrgus x sügavus): 500 x 440 x 508 mm 
  • Mahtuvus: 40 liitrit 
  • Töötab pingega:12 ja 230V 
  • Jahutusvõimsus: 25°C alla ümbritseva temperatuuri 
  • Gaas: LPG vedelgaas (30 mbar) 
  • Tarbib gaasi: 9,8g/h 
  • Tarbib voolu: 12V: 85W; 230V: 85W 
  • Kaal: 16kg
  • Värvus: kast alumiinium, kaas must plastik



3 Way Absorption Coolbox is a model update for the well established RC 1205GC camping coolbox which is unique in the market! It runs on 12-volt supply in your vehicle, 230-volt mains at home or at the campsite and can easily be switched to gas operation using gas cartridges for enjoying the great outdoors.

This new super absorption portable cooler comes in a premium retro aluminium style and is the only cooler on the market to integrate a holding bracket for commonly available gas cartridges. This means the box can be supplied with energy anytime and anywhere, without the need for heavy gas bottles.

Ideal for picnics, camping and other last-minute activities keeping drinks and fresh food cool, this uncomplicated source of energy is easy to take along.

It runs absolutely silently on gas as well as on 12 volts DC or on a 230-volt mains. Its 40-litre capacity is sufficient for a short trip or for use in an awning. The COMBICOOL ACX 40G offers reliable cooling up to 30°C below the ambient temperature.

It will even make ice cubes for a cool drink. The unit is supplied with an ice cube tray which fits neatly in the dedicated storage space on the evaporator of the box.

Key Features of the DOMETIC COMBICOOL ACX 40G:

  • Storage volume: 40 litres
  • Cooling up to 25°C below ambient temperature
  • Works on Gas cartridges, 12 volts and 230 volts
  • Piezo ignition
  • 3-stage flame regulation in gas mode
  • Thermostat regulation in 230 volt mode
  • Absolutely silent operation
  • Ice cube tray included
  • Evaporator provides space for the ice cube tray
  • Sturdy aluminium housing in an attractive design with a distinctive lid
  • With an integrated cradle for a standard gas cartridge (not included)

Safety Notices:

  • When using portable gas cooling, please ensure there is adequate ventiliation and follow manufacturers guidelines.
  • Portable absorption cooling units must not be used on gas in motor vehicles, on boats or whilst sleeping in a tent.
  • It is prohibited to operate an absorption refrigerator on gas on a marine vessel.

Product Specification

  • Brand: DOMETIC
  • Product Code: 9105204291
  • Gross Capacity: 40 litres
  • Bottle Sizes: 8 x 2 ltr standing
  • Power Consumption: 85 watts on 12v, 85 watts on 230v, gas cartridge: 9.8 g/h
  • Insulation: PU foam all around
  • Cooling Performance: Maximum 30 °C below ambient temperature
  • Input Power: 12 volts DC, 230 volts AC or Gas cartridge
  • Power connection: 12 v DC cigar plug, 230v 3 pin UK plug, gas cartridge
  • Ignition Style: gas operation with Piezo ignition
  • Cooling System: Absorption
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 500 x 444 x 508 mm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Colour: Retro brushed Aluminium finish base, black moulded plastic lid

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