Külmik CoolFreeze CDF11 10,5L 12/24V kompressoriga

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Tootekood: 9105100007
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V
CoolFreeze CDF-11 10,5L 12/24V

DOMETIC - WAECO CoolFreeze CDF-11 kompressoriga autokülmik 10,5L 12/24V  

9105100007 , 9600000599

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Mõõdud (sügavus x kõrgus x laius): 540 x 358 x 235 mm

Kaal: 8,8 kg


DOMETIC - WAECO CoolFreeze CDF-11 10.5L 12/24V

Super-compact compressor cooler for mobile applications.

Reliable compressor cooling technology from mobile refrigeration specialist WAECO is now also available in a 10.5-litre compact class. The new CoolFreeze CDF-11 comes in dimensions that previously seemed impossible from a technical point of view. Small handy and space-saving like a thermoelectric cooler, it is easily accommodated in emergency service vehicles.

The compact compressor cooler weighs only 8.8 kilograms and is easy to carry with the shoulder strap. The temperature inside can be accurately set to a value between +10 and -18°C. All in all, the WAECO CoolFreeze CDF-11 is ideal for emergency situations where speed, performance and reliability are at a premium.

WAECO offers a whole host of individual solutions to cater for all applications. Optional extra modules available include: factory-preset fixed temperature control, a digital radio thermometer, a data logger for continuous, tamper-proof temperature recording, as well as an attachable thermal printer for real-time on-site documentation. More features are available on request.4.29

A three-stage battery monitor ensures the battery is always ready to start the engine; e-approval according to 2006/28/EC guarantees there’s no interference with the vehicle’s electronic system.

WAECO CoolFreeze CDF 11
Portable cooler and freezer for 12/24 volts DC

Gross capacity: approx. 10.5 litres
Voltage: 12/24 volts DC
Temperature range: +10°C to -18°C
Power input: approx. 35 watts
Current consumption: 0.29 Ah/h at +20°C ambient temperature,
0.61 Ah/h at +32°C ambient temperature,
both at +5°C interior temperature
Insulation: PU foam all around
System: Compressor with integrated control electronics, low voltage protection (can be disabled), electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection
Material: Cabinet: PP
Lid: PP
Colour: pale grey/dark grey
Dimensions (DxHxW): 540 x 358 x 235 mm
Weight: approx. 8.8 kg
Test mark: CE, TÜV/GS, e-certified (Automotive EMC Directive)
Item designation: CoolFreeze CDF 11 , 9600000599 
Accessories Mains adapter 230 volts > 24 volts
Ref. No.: EPS-100W

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