Jahutuskast MobiCool U26 DC 12V

MobiCool U26DC
Jahutuskast MobiCool U26DC, 25L 12VToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

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Tootekood: WA-U26DC-12V
Jahutuskast MobiCool U26DC, 25L 12V
Jahutuskast MobiCool U26DC, 25L 12V
Jahutuskast MobiCool U26DC, 25L 12V

Jahutuskast MobiCool U26DC, 25L 12V  (9103501256)

Termokapp  on ideaalne olukorras, kus on vaja kerge kaaluga ja soodsa hinnaga külmik/jahutajat.  Mobicool termokapid on kerged ja kompaktsed. Töötavad 12V pingega auto sigaretisüütajast. Polüuretaan isolatsioon ja siseõhu ringlusventilaator tagavad hea jahutusvõimsuse.

  • Termoelektriline jahuti on kerge ja ökonoomne. 
  • Eriti mugav kaasa võtta pikemale retkele või autosse. 
  • Mahutab püstises asendis 2 liitriseid pudeleid.
  • Kaasas ühendusjuhtmed 12V jaoks. 

Tehnilised andmed:

  • Mahutavus: 25L
  • Mahtutab 2L pudeleid
  • Pinge: 12V
  • Voolutarve: 47W
  • Temperatuurivahemik: 18 °C alla ümbritseva temperatuuri
  • Isolatsioon: CFC-vaba polüuretaan vaht (K-Iso süsteem)
  • Mõõdud: (sügavus x laius x kõrgus) 33,6 x 39.6 x 39,5 cm
  • Kaal: 3,7 kg

Asendustoode: WA-MV26


Waeco Mobicool U26 DC 12V

The Mobicool U26 12 volt thermoelectric Cool box is the replacement for the T26 and is of exceptional build quality as you would expect from Waeco. The Waeco U26 can be powered by any 12 volt power supply but can also be connected to mains using the Waeco Mobitronic rectifier (sold separately below). This thermoelectric cool box is both lightweight and very economical. It has space for a single upright 2 litre bottle (there is a slight drop in one corner of the base to allow for the height). The compact design means it can fit neatly into a car for travel.
The U26 has cable storage and a handle that can either secure the box closed or hold it open. 
The inside of the coolbox has a insulating foam lining which allows consistent cooling to 20°C below the ambient temperature. The Mobicool U32 thermoelectric cool box is both lightweight and very economical. It has room for 2 litre bottles upright and its streamlined design means it will fit nicely into the car for those long journeys. Also, the U32 smart lid features a cable tidy and a handle that can either lock the box closed or hold it open with the handle rest built into the lid for your convenience (see 3rd Waeco U32 image below). The U32 has consistent thickness all around with continuous distribution of the insulating foam, allowing reliable cooling to 18°C below the ambient temperature.

  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Insulation: High quality full foam insulation of CFC-free polyurethane (K-Iso system)
  • Power consumption DC: 47 watts
  • Quality features: Carrier handle serves to either fix or support the lid, cable compartment in lid, fits 2-litre bottles standing, double fan system
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 33.6 x 39.6 x 39.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Cooling max: 18°C below ambient temperature

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