VDO Tahhomeeter 52mm 4000 RPM 12V

VDO Tahhomeeter 52mm 4000p/min 12V, mustToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

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Tootekood: 333-035-029G

VDO "Cockpit International" Tahhomeeter ø 52mm 4000p/min 12V, must

  • Tööpinge: 12V
  • Sügavus 83mm


TACHOMETER, electronic
Suitable for most petrol and diesel engines. Field programmable to suit 4, 6 or 8 cyl./4 stroke ignition and alternator pick-up (terminal “W”). Single phase not suitable for star point.
lllumination included.

VDO Cockpit International Tachometer 4.000 RPM 52mm 12V

Data sheet

Serie VDO Cockpit International Series
Color Black
Installation diameter 52 mm - 2 1/16 Inch
Application VDO Engine monitoring
Category Tachometers
Functionality Tachometers
Measurement range 0 - 4.000 RPM
Signal analogue Tacho impulse signal
Operating voltage 11 - 16 Volt DC
IP front protection class IP64 (DIN 40050)
Lens Single-glazed - Nonreflective
Bezel model Black triangle
Bezel Interchangeable Yes - Special tool required
Warning light Without
Communication Analog 

VDO Cockpit International 333-035-029G specifications:

Sizes and mounting:

Installation (Hole) diameter and Outside diameter: 52 mm - 2 1/16 Inch and 59.25 mm - 2 1/3 Inch
Installation depth: 83 mm
Locking height with Spinlock nut: Optional 0.5 mm - 23 mm
Locking height with bracket: 0.5 mm - 8 mm
Flushmount: None


Analog RPM measurement range: 0 to 4.000 RPM
Sensor signal tachometer: Alternator terminal: W
Ignition terminal: 1
Accuracy: Not specified by VDO
Connection: AMP Male blade connector 6,3 x 0,8mm (4x)
Illumination connection: AMP Male blade connector 6,3 x 0,8mm (2x)

Power supply:

Operating voltage: 11 - 16 Volt DC
Current consumption without illumination: < 100 mA
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Short circuit protection: Not specified by VDO

Dial & Pointer:

Deflection angle: 320°
Dial colour: Black
Dial Illumination: Floodlight 12V - 3.4 Watt White - Green - Red and 24V - 3 Watt - Optional
Pointer: Red backlight
Warning indication: None
Programming: Yes


Model: Cockpit International
Lens: Single - Anti-glare
Standard bezel: Triangular black (Threaded ring)

Protection and standards:

Front protection class: IP64 (DIN 40050) - Ozon proof - UV proof
Rear protection class: IP42 (DIN 40050)
Relative humidity: Not specified by VDO
Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
CE standard: Yes
DNV GL Certification: Not specified by VDO
Mechanical shock 8 hours: Max: 1G - 25Hz - 2000Hz
EMC test: According to EN 13309 and ISO 13766
Nominal position: NL 0 to NL 90 - DIN 16257
Housing: Plastic flame retardant 

Retail package:

  • VDO Cockpit Vision 333-035-029G Tachometer
  • 2 x Steel bracket zinc-plated and chromatized
  • Connecting material order separately

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