Vender 1232 Heavy Duty Valge

Vender 1232 Heavy Duty 880x300mm, valgeToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

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Vender 1232 Heavy Duty 880x300mm, valge

DAN-FENDER Vender HEAVY DUTY 1232 Valge*

*Saadaval üksnes laos olev kogus, toodet juurde tellida ei saa.

Metallventiil, väga tugev konstruktsioon, mustad otsad

  • Läbimõõt 300 mm
  • Pikkus 880 mm
  • Ujuvusjõud 43,0 kg
  • Silma läbimõõt 28 mm

Standard colours:
FENDER = White, Blue or Navyblue

Optional colours:
ROPEHOLDS = Grey, Blue, Navyblue or Red
FENDER = Black or Grey

Product information:

DAN-FENDER fender HEAVY DUTY 1232 White 

The Heavy-Duty series is not only the flagship of the fender products of DanFender. It is the flagship of all brands of fenders as regards quality, design and first and foremost durability. The purpose of this fender series is to offer maximum safety and protection of your boat, and we have NOT tried to find low-priced solutions, which would, no doubt, come to a compromise as regards quality!

Heavy Duty Fenders are available in all sizes required for boats from about 17 feet up to mega yachts.

Remember that fenders and roping protect your boat for 99% of the time!

Inflation and Valve Guide

How do I inflate my DAN-FENDER ® product?

The most simple way is to use an ordinary compressor including the accessory air pistol and then:

  • Remove the plastic screw (if there is one).
  • Press the air pistol against the metal valve.
  • Blow air into the fender/buoy (0.15 bar at 20 degrees C).
  • A fender/buoy shall NOT be as hard as a stone. It shall be easy to form a soft “dent” by pressing.
  • Screw on the plastic screw (if there is one).

Now your fender/buoys are ready for use – have fun!


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