Vender 827 LIGHT Sinine

Vender 827 LIGHT SinineToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

Alghind: 25,50 €
Müügihind21,00 €
Allahindus -4,50 €
Tootekood: 50082709
Vender 827 LIGHT Sinine
Vender 827 LIGHT Sinine
Vender 827 LIGHT Sinine

DAN-FENDER Vender 827 LIGHT Sinine*

*Saadaval üksnes laos olev kogus, toodet juurde tellida ei saa.

  • Läbimõõt 210 mm
  • Pikkus 765 mm
  • Ujuvusjõud 24,0 kg
  • Silma läbimõõt 22 mm

Product information:

DAN-FENDER fender 827 LIGHT Blue

DanFender Light is our latest offer of a good quality product at a very competitive price. DanFender Light is a blow-moulded fender, which as regards design is close to the Heavy Duty Series, however without having "separate" massive eyes, and consequently it is not a two-coloured fender.

We expect a great deal from this new series, which aims at those who want a good product at a favourable price. DanFender Light is available in sizes for boats from about 17 up to 30 feet

Inflation and Valve Guide

How do I inflate my DAN-FENDER ® product?

The most simple way is to use an ordinary compressor including the accessory air pistol and then:

  • Remove the plastic screw (if there is one).
  • Press the air pistol against the metal valve.
  • Blow air into the fender/buoy (0.15 bar at 20 degrees C).
  • A fender/buoy shall NOT be as hard as a stone. It shall be easy to form a soft “dent” by pressing.
  • Screw on the plastic screw (if there is one).

Now your fender/buoys are ready for use – have fun!

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