Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8 12V max 0,8A

Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8 12V max 0,8AToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

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Tootekood: XS-0.8
Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8 12V max 0,8A
Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8
Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8
Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8
Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8
Akulaadija Ctek XS 0.8

CTEK akulaadija XS 0.8 12V 0,8A, IP65

XS 0.8 on optimaalne hoolduslaadija kuni 100Ah akudega hooajalistele sõidukitele. Ta laadib kergesti väiksemaid 12V akusid, mis on tavalised mootorratastel, muruniitjatel ja lumesaanidel.

Tehnilised andmed:

  • Pinge: 12 V
  • Laadimisvool: 0,8 A
  • Min/max laetav aku: 1,2-32 Ah
  • Min/max hooldatav aku: 1,2-100 Ah
  • Isolatsioon: IP65 (pritsme- ja tolmukindel)
  • Välja töötatud Rootsis
  • Mõõdud: 145 x 55 x 38 mm
  • Kaal: 0,4 kg
  • Garantii 5 aastat

Asendustoode: CT5 Powersport 2,3A CAN Bus


Compact 0.8a charging for mc and small batteries

The XS 0.8 is CTEK’s smallest 12V charger. It offers state of the art technology and is perfect for charging smaller 12V batteries that can be found in motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs and lawnmowers. It is also suitable for maintenance charging “normal- sized” batteries such as car batteries. The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process. The XS 0.8 is a compact and fully automatic 6-step charger for 12V batteries from 1.2-32Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 100Ah. The XS 0.8 is IP 65 classified (splash and dust proof), delivers 0.8A and is designed to protect vehicle electronics. It is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. The XS 0.8 is delivered with 5-year warranty.

Auto: Fully automatic for optimal charging

12V: For all lead-acid batteries

Step 5: Fully Charged Battery

Step 6: Maintenance Charging

Volt 12V
Rated Voltage AC 220–240VAC, 50–60Hz
Charging voltage 14.4V
Min battery voltage 2.0V
Charging current 0,8A max
Current, mains 0.2A rms (at full charging current)
Back current drain <1Ah/month
Ripple <4%
Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C, output power is reduced automatically at high temperatures
Charger type Six step, fully automatic charging cycle
Battery types All types of 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and GEL)
Battery capacity 1.2–32Ah up to 100Ah for maintenance
Dimensions 145 x 55 x 38mm (L x W x H)
Insulation class IP65
Weight 0.4kg




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