MagicComfort MSH-300 Carbon-istmesoojendus 2-le istmele

Waeco MagicComfort MSH-300 Carbon-istmesoojendus 2-le istmele 12VToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

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Tootekood: WA-9101700034

WAECO MagicComfort MSH-300 Carbon-istmesoojendus kahele istmele 12V*  (9600000395)


Täielik komplekt kahele istmele, paigaldatakse istme kattematerjali alla (sobib eemaldatava kattematerjaliga istmele).

  • Kolm soojusvõimsust: 10, 40 ja 70 W
  • Maksimaalne tarbimine: 10 A
  • Sisseehitatud termoandur - 4 tk
  • Kõrge kvaliteediga süsinikkiustust element
  • Mõõtmed: alumine istmeelement 580 x 270 mm; seljaosa element 580 x 270 mm
  • Kaablid, lülitid ja relee sisalduvad komplektis.


WAECO MagicComfort MSH-300

Cold seats in a vehicle are most uninviting, but what can you do about it once your vehicle has left the factory? Well, you can do quite a lot actually. The Dometic MagicComfort MSH 300 is a bespoke, cut-to-size seat heater that is perfect for a retro-fit to the driver and the front passenger seat in a vehicle. It is comfortable and heats in super-fast time with a high quality carbon heating element. Simple to fit, just measure, cut and insert the pad between the upholstery of the seat and backrest, and the seat cover. You can achieve immediate luxury and warmth without altering the shape or comfort of the seat or incurring any extra expense.

Retrofit insert carbon seat heater for driver and front passenger seat
  • Pre-assembled set of cables with switching relay and two universal switches
  • Complete set for two seats
  • High-quality carbon heating elements, cut to size for the individual installation requirements
  • Three heat stages
  • Four integrated temperature guards
  • For two seats with detachable cover

Delivery kit:
4 heating elements, pre-assembled set of cables with relay and 2 universal switches, fixing materials, installation instructions 

Operating voltage: 12 Volt

Stage I:  10 watts (per seat)

Stage II:  40 watts (per seat)

Stage III: 70 watts (per seat)

Dimensions of heating elements (LxW): 580 x 270 mm
Test mark: e-approved to 95/54/EC (EMC guidelines for vehicles)
Item designation: MagicComfort MSH 300 (for 2 seats)




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