Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli

Lisakaugtuli HELLA Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuliToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

Müügihind396,80 €
Tootekood: 1F2-012-414-001
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli
Hella Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisakaugtuli

HELLA Comet 200 LED 12V ref.12,5 lisa kaugtuli, must korpus

Toote mõõdud:

  • Läbimõõt: 144 mm
  • Kõrgus: 159 mm koos klambriga
  • Madal paigaldussügavus – ideaalne kohtades, kus ruumi on vähe: 71 mm Sobib püsti paigaldamiseks.
  • Kaabli pikkus: 1200 mm

Vormilt ümaram, kuid ometigi kujundusega, mis erineb tunduvalt tavalisest lisatulest. Reflektori valmistamisel on kasutatud FF-tehnoloogiat.  Paigaldatakse seisvasse või rippuvasse asendisse. 

  • referentsiarv 12,5
  • must korpus
  • selge klaas

HELLA Comet 200 LED 12V

LED auxiliary headlights Comet 200 LED 12V (ECE Ref. 12.5)

Product features:

  • For passenger cars, SUVs, transporters and motorhomes
  • 159 mm high, including bracket, and only 71 mm deep, with a low weight of only 495 g (including fixing bracket and screws)
  • This unmistakable design has a full-surface reflector and prominent “HELLA” lettering on the front
  • Modern high-performance LEDs as an alternative to compact halogen auxiliary headlights
  • Striking light design, matching the LED headlamps • Effective heat dissipation from the LED electronics via the cooling ribs on the back of the housing
  • Suitable for mounting upright
  • The L-shaped fixing bracket enables the headlamp to be mounted in various positions – rotating it through 180° allows the headlamp to be placed further forward
  • 12 V, low power consumption 13 W
  • High beam with reference number 12.5, ECE approvals -112-01 3965, SAE Y14 TF62 and CCC

Compact size:

  • Compact diameter: 144 mm
  • Low height: 159 mm including bracket
  • Low installed depth – ideal where space is tight: 71 mm Suitable for mounting upright.

Lux is the unit of illuminance.

It specifies the luminous flux emanating from the light source that strikes a specific surface. For example; an office workplace should be illuminated with at least 500 lux, and the human eye can still read a newspaper without any problems at 1 lux. The values under the lux bar indicate where the corresponding illuminance is achieved on the light distribution diagrams.

Reference no. (Ref.)

The reference number (Ref.) is a value which refers to the high-beam headlamp. According to the ECE regulations, this reference number must not exceed the upper limit of 100 per vehicle. In this case, the two values of the standard high beams (left and right main headlamps) are added to the values of other mounted high-beam headlamps. The value is entered on the lens of approved headlamps.





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