Kompressorkülmik - sügavkülmik CFX3 55IM, 46L 12V/24V ja 230V + jäämasin

Dometic CFX3 55IM
Kompressorkülmik-sügavkülmik CFX3 55IM 48L AC/DC 12/24V ja 230V + jäämasinToodete fotod on illustratiivsed

Müügihind1699,00 €
Tootekood: CFX3-55IM
Kompressorkülmik-sügavkülmik CFX3 55IM 48L AC/DC 12/24V ja 230V + jäämasin

DOMETIC Kompressorkülmik - sügavkülmik CFX3 55IM 46L AC/DC 12/24V ja 230V + jäämasin*  ( 9600025335, 9600025330 )

*Tellimustoode, tagastamisele ei kuulu.

Mobiilne kompressoriga külmik ja sügavkülmik, energiaklass A++. 

See ülivõimsa võimsusega kompressorjahuti töötab tõsiselt muljetavaldavalt, võimaldades teil tuua rohkem oma armastatud toite ja jooke kuhu iganes lähete. Selle tugev konstruktsioon on loodud kasutamiseks võimalikult karmides välitingimustes. Nautige tõhusat jahutamist ja sügavkülmutamist tänu mobiilirakendusele "VIA CFX3 APP", mis võimaldab Dometic CFX3 mugavat juhtimist . Minge kaugemale, püsige kauem ja kogege veelgi rohkem.


  • Mahutavus: 46 liitrit
  • Kiirkülmutusplaat ja kaasasolevad jääalused tekitavad jää mõne tunniga.
  • Vastupidav, kuid kerge ExoFrame raam kaitstud servade ja alumiiniumisulamist käepidemetega.
  • Võimas VMSO3 kompressori jahutustehnoloogia jahutab tõhusalt ja sügavkülmutab temperatuurini –22 ° C.
  • Kergesti loetav kõrge eraldusvõimega värviline ekraan ja pehmed puutetundlikud nupud võimaldavad lahedama jõudluse sujuvat juhtimist ja jälgimist.
  • Rakendus CFX3 võimaldab temperatuuri reguleerida WiFi või Bluetoothi ​​kaudu ning pakub toimivusajalugu.
  • 3-astmeline dünaamiline akukaitsesüsteem hoiab ära aku tühjenemise või võimaldab akude sügavat kasutamist.
  • Komplekti kuulub optimaalse hoiustamise korraldamiseks eemaldatavate traatidega korvide jagur.

Tehnilised nätajad:

Mudel  CFX3 55IM
Komplekti kuuluvad  1 jahuti, 1 kasutusjuhend, 1 ühenduskaabel 12/24 V ühenduse jaoks, 1   ühenduskaabel 100-240 V ühenduse jaoks, 1 jäämasin, eemaldatavad   traatkorvid
Tsoonide arv  Ühene
Toote kirjeldus  Kaasaskantav kompressorjahuti ja sügavkülmik, 46 l
Külmutustehnika  Kompressor
Mõõdud (sügavus x kõrgus x laius)  455 x 480 x 720 mm
Netokaal  21,3 kg
Kogumaht (EN 62552)  55,00 l
Ladustamismaht - kokku (EN 62552)  48,00 l
Sisendpinge (AC)  100–240 V
Sisendpinge (DC)  12/24 V
Sisendvool (AC)  1,0 A 100 V juures, 0,42 A 240 V juures
Sisendvool (DC)  8,9 A
Sisendvõimsus (AC)  52 W
Sisendsagedus  50/60 Hz
Külmutusagregaadi tüüp  R134a
GWP  1430
Külmutusagensi kogus  45 g
CO2 ekvivalent  0,064 t
Keskmine energiatarve vahelduvvoolul (EN 62552)  0,22 kWh / 24h
Energiatarve 12 VDC (ümbritsev keskkond 90 F, sisemine @ 39 F)  1,11 Ah / h
Energiatarve 12 VDC (ümbritsev keskkond 32C, sisemine @ 4C/ jäämasin sees (hooldus)  1,20 Ah / h
Energiaklass EL (1060/2010 / EÜ)  A ++
Kliimaklass (EN 62552)  N/T
Isolatsiooni paksus  55,00 mm
Isolatsiooni tüüp  PU (polüuretaan)
Värvus  Kiltkivi / udu
USB-port  5V, 2A
Ühenduvus tüüp  Bluetooth, WiFi
Korv  Jah
Keermestatud alused  M6 kinnitamiseks aluses
Tühjenduskork  Jah
Kondensatsioonivastane mähis  Jah
Sisevalgusti  Jah, LED
Sertifikaadid  ECE R10, CB, CE, GS
Kaabli pikkus toitekaabel  2,00 m


DOMETIC CFX3 55IM 46L portable compressor cooler and freezer with ice maker function, AC/CD, A++

This ultimate powered cooler produces seriously impressive cooling, allowing you to bring more of the food and drinks you love wherever you go. Its robust design is built for tough outdoor use. Enjoy efficient cooling and freezing with convenience thanks to a mobile app which puts the control of your Dometic CFX3 at your fingertips. Go further, stay longer, and experience more.

With the Dometic CXF3, you have control of your outdoor experiences like never before. The CFX3 gives you the power to change your state of mind and put your well-being first. On-road, off-road, outback or in the backyard, your ordinary and extraordinary adventures will be fueled by fresher, safer food, less waste and more confidence, giving you the power to be present in any moment.

  • Generous storage capacity of 46 l
  • Rapid Freeze Plate and included silicon ice trays produces ice in a matter of hours
  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight ExoFrame construction with fender frame protected edges and aluminum alloy handles
  • Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology efficiently refrigerates and deep-freezes to –22 °C
  • Easy-to-read High-Resolution Color Display and soft touch buttons enabling seamless control and monitoring of cooler performance
  • 3-stage dynamic battery protection system prevents dead car battery or allows deep draw on dual batteries
  • CFX3 App allows temperature control via WiFi or Bluetooth and provides performance history

Maximum efficienncy and capacity. You can store an incredible amount of fresh food and drinks in the Dometic CFX3 thanks to the internal compartment design. The CFX3 eliminates the dairy compartment, which means more room for all your favorite foods. Choose how you organize the space with a removable wire divider and enjoy a more even distribution of cool air with the extended evaporator, now on all inner walls of the unit.

Track cooler perfomance wherever you are. The CFX3 app provides a whole new level of control and connectivity. Download it for free in the App Store or Google Play Store, and connect to your powered cooler via your smartphone. Control and monitor the temperature of the cooler remotely, whether it’s from the front seat of your vehicle or in bed after a long day of exploring. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, it’s easier than ever to track the cooling status of your CFX3. If you happen to leave the lid of your CFX3 open, the app will send you a notification telling you to close the lid. While powered, the app keeps detailed records of the temperature and power consumption history, so you know your limits on your next journey. Keep food fresh. Go and explore. Enjoy peace of mind.

Digital display for easy cooler managment. The CFX3 series features an easy to read high-resolution color display panel which states the temperature and status of the cooler. Several protection systems are built into the display, including a scratch-resistant cover and IP65 rated housing to protect against dust and water splashes, so you can feel confident wherever you go. The upgraded USB port is now located in the display panel for a faster and more ergonomic way to charge your portable devices. The intuitive user-interface displays the voltage, Bluetooth/WiFi connection status and temperature in colorful graphics. The operating settings of your cooler can be adjusted at the press of a button with a simple menu.

Don`t stop for ice, make it yourself. The Dometic CFX3 55IM has an independently controlled Rapid Freeze Plate with two custom silicon ice trays. When turned on, the compressor super cools the plate to make ice while maintaining a refrigeration temperature in the rest of the cooler. Fill the ice trays, secure the snap fit lid and have ice for drinks by the time you reach your destination.

Years of innovation for cooling perfection. Take control of outdoor adventures like never before with the Dometic CFX3 55. Enjoy fresher food at your fingertips thanks to Dometic’s market leading VMSO3 variable speed compressor with optimized software for better cooling, freezing and power consumption. The CFX3 features durable fender frames that protect the edges of the cooler, making it ideal for rugged trips. Strong, spring-loaded aluminum handles make it easy to lift and carry. Set the cooling temperature of your CFX3 on the TFT display screen and pack all your favorite foods. Download the CFX3 app and roam free from worry. Once your CFX3 is connected through your phone, you can set the ideal temperature, and get a detailed history of energy and temperatures. We also offer a range of accessories to get the most out of your cooler, including a durable insulated protective cover.



  • Model: CFX355IM
  • Scope of delivery: 1 cooler, 1 manual, 1 Connection cable for 12/24V connection, 1 Connection cable for 100-240V connection, 1 icemaker, removable wire baskets 
  • Single or Dual Zone: Single 
  • Product Description: Portable compressor cooler and freezer, 46 l 
  • Refrigeration technology: Compressor


  • Dimensions product ( depth x  height  x width ): 455 x 480 x 720 mm
  • Net weight: 21.3 kg
  • Total volume (IEC 62552-3): 55.00 l
  • Gross volume (EN 62552): 55.00 l
  • Storage volume - total (EN 62552): 48.00 l


  • Input voltage (AC): 100-240 V
  • Input voltage (DC): 12/24 V
  • Rated input current (AC): 1.00A at 100V, 0.42A at 240V A
  • Rated input current (DC): 8.9 A
  • Rated input power (AC): 52 W
  • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz


  • Refrigerant, type: R134a 
  • GWP: 1430 
  • Refrigerant amount: 45 g
  • CO2 equivalent: 0.064 t
  • Average energy consumption at AC (EN 62552): 0.22 kWh/24h
  • Energy Consumption 12VDC (Ambient@90F, Internal@39F): 1.11 Ah/h
  • Energy Consumption 12VDC (Internal@4C/Icemaker on(maintenance), Ambient@32C): 1.20 Ah/h
  • Energy class EU (1060/2010/EC): A++ 
  • Climate class (EN 62552): N/T 
  • Insulation Thickness: 55.00 mm
  • Insulation Tye: PU (Polyurethane)


  • Color: Slate / Mist 
  • USB Port: 5V, 2A 
  • Connectivity Type: Bluetooth, WiFi 
  • Basket: Yes 
  • Threaded inserts in base for mounting: M6 
  • Drain plug: Yes 
  • Anti-condensation coil: Yes 
  • Interior light: Yes, LED 
  • Certificates: ECE R10, CB, CE, GS 
  • Cable length supply cable: 2.00 m




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